Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sewing for the NICU

I am SOOO excited!

Last December, my great friend, Justine of HandmadeByJustine, and I got together and made a bunch of baby hats to donate to the NICU. They were adorable and we felt so great making them. Although I kept wanting to do something for the NICU, it was Justine who actually found out what we could do and got the project started. Here is a pic of the hats we made.

Since then, I keep wanting to do even more. A little over a month ago, another friend, Kristen, said that she wanted to make things for the NICU. It was just the "backup" I needed to get a plan rolling. Now, I have called the NICU; found a place where more than two people can easily meet to cut, sew, and create; and I'm starting to collect material donations. So fun! This time, the project is even bigger.

Here is what our NICU needs:
Isolette covers (10-20)
Swaddling blankets for the tiny babies (12" x 12", 18" x 18", and 25" x 25"- as many as we can; I've set a goal of at least 10 of each size)

I'm hoping that we will have minimal out of pocket expenses and this project gives so many people a chance to get involved.

We are collecting used baby blankets from our friends and will upcycle them into the items the hospital needs. We also need dark fabric (old sheets will work as well as any old solid fabrics that you aren't using), quilt batting, serger thread, and bias tape.

As I have written about previously in March for Babies- Ready to get your shoes on?, our oldest kiddo was born nine weeks early and spent about a month in the NICU. What I didn't mention is that the staff at the NICU was wonderful and they really are amazing. Besides the people there, the handmade items we got to use while we were there really warmed our hearts. The fact that someone, somewhere who didn't know us or our baby, and had taken the time to make things for her to use was so touching.

I have several people who are ready to sew, cut, and donate. In the next week we hope to collect over 40 blankets so we can make them into items the NICU needs. If you are local and want to get involved, let me know. My email is happylittlemonkey (at) comcast (dot) net.

A special thank you to Lynn from the Bernina Connection for letting us use their wonderful sewing space for this project. We really appreciate it. If you sew, quilt, or want to learn how, please check out this great local resource.

Please wish us luck!

The picture on the left is Caroline in an isolette, 8 days old and right after a bath so we were so excited to get a picture of her without the tube.

The picture below is last week, at the zoo!


  1. Blanket Count:
    As of right now, we have a commitment of at least 15 blankets! Keep them coming. We need at least 40 to be able to make what they need.

    We also need some solid dark fabrics (navy blue or dark purple were suggested), so if you have any old sheets or fabric you no longer need, we can use those too.

    Other needed items- quilters batting, serger thread, regular thread

    If you have old baby clothes, size Newborn or preemie, the NICU uses those too.

    SOOOOO very excited by your support

  2. Count update: Halfway there?

    Thus far, 15 blankets, some batting, some fabric, and a bag full of preemie clothes are in my dining room. I have commitments of at least 8 more blankets.

    So, with on hand and commitments, we are over halfway to the goal of 40 blankets for this project!!

  3. Update:
    Its been a few days since I last updated, and I have great news- I have 25 blankets!

    We still need more, but I am confident we will get the supplies we need and am even starting to think up what we will do if we have too many materials (such a good problem to have when you have a room full of sewing machines and people who know how to use them!).

    So fun! Thank you for your support!

  4. Drop off Update: You can drop off blankets and clothing donations at Rinse & Repeat Kids' Boutique Salon, 1350 N Gadsden St., #B, Tallahassee, FL 32303. Make sure you check their business hours.

  5. I received three more blankets today! Woo whoo! I am meeting up with a few more people this week to get blankets and can NOT wait for this sewing party!

  6. It is so generous of you to put your talent & time into this project. As the mother of a NICU baby, I can tell you how the little things like a handmade blanket bring a little light into your world. When my daughter was first taken to the NICU, I will never forget - she was lying on a little handmade quilt, pink with unicorns. That little touch of 'home' made a big impact on me, as we were surrounded by tubes, plastic, metal, machines & tons of beeps & alarms. Please know that what you are doing is very much appreciated.

  7. Thank you, beabea, for commenting! Your note is so appreciated and it warms my heart. I get it. We need a club!