Blanket Purses!

Blanket Purses are a HappyLittleMonkey Original Design. These purses are amazingly functional and attractive. I love to create things that a baby needs but that Mommy wants! It's the perfect gift for that Chic Mom on-the-go!

Give Mommy the perfect play-mat for going to grandma's, a play-date, the park, or where ever else she wants to go! All of baby's toys are in one place and Mom won't have to fumble through other bags or purses to get baby set up. She will have her stuff together!

When all buttoned up, it looks like a fun oversized tote bag, but when you open it up it is completely functional! It's a 36" x 36" blanket, made out of a really thick 100% Cotton fabric on the outside and soft fuzzy vanilla colored chenille on the inside. These are high quality fabrics that will last. The blanket pieces are sewn together and then topstitched for added durability and for that nicely finished look. These two layers of material provide a comfy place for baby and the thickness of the fabric helps protect baby from the ground.

To use, Mommy simply puts baby's favorite toys in the middle, buttons the blanket around the purse handles, snaps the opposing corners together, lifts up the handles and goes!

When Mom spreads the blanket out, she could leave the handles on or take them off for extra room. The buttons are sewn onto the outside fabric so baby wont see them when the blanket is laid out. Also, the buttons are 2" in diameter to help protect against choking.

It comes with a coordinating burp cloth and a little ditty bag/diaper and wipes case.
The 7.5" round wooden purse handles can be easily removed to maximize play space and to throw the blanket (and accessories) in the washing machine!

The blanket is finished off with oversized tortoise shell buttons, and a couple of snaps to make it fully functional.

Special attention was paid to each detail of this set to ensure quality and durability. Mom is sure to love this set. And of course, Dad could spread it out for baby too, if Mom lets him!

Visit the store to view the blanket purses that are currently available.

Click here for a video of how simple it is to transform the blanket into a purse when you are done playing.

Fabrics are available for custom orders of the blanket purse.

Custom orders can be monogrammed for an additional $10.00.  Please allow additional time for creation of your custom blanket purse and accessories.

HappyLittleMonkey is my online store full of practical and personalized gifts for moms, dads, and babies.

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