Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Phew! Halloween Orders, DONE!

A little over a year ago, a friend asked me if I would be willing to make her daughter a Pebbles costume.  She did not want one of these fleece (aka plastic) costumes that are more easily found.  Cotton.  Soft.  Cute.  Knowing her style, we quickly hashed out the details for a boutique style Pebbles, made from cotton that just had to include the bone for her hair.  The reserve listing was up on Etsy for a few days and that resulted in a second order for someone needing a cotton costume for her daughter with sensitive skin. 

Lo and behold, the HappyLittleMonkey Boutique Style Pebbles Costume was born.  When I first posted the costume early in the summer, I didn't expect to get so many orders. (After all, it's just been me over here sewing these cute little things, well, at least so far!)

And today, I get to sigh a little bit of relief that they are either in the hands of those who ordered them, or the hands of the Post Office Clerks (who almost didn't want to let me in when I came running in at 6:00 pm today with my arms full of the final orders and two kids). 

Early Order- for a Summer Birthday Party

First Batch of Halloween Orders

Close Up of the Yellow One

Last Batch of Halloween Orders, including Bam Bam!

Won't the brother and sister duo look so cute in these?

Bam Bam in his solo glory!

Batch 2...well, it wasn't really a batch!  

A few SuperKid Shirts flew out the door in time for Halloween too (although they went so fast I didn't have time to take pictures of all of them.) 

The Pumpkin Clips are still popular for the remainder of the season through Thanksgiving.  They are great on their own or as a bow add-on. Some letters are available to ship and others can be made to order.  Also, if you are in town, Rinse & Repeat Kids' Salon has some in their boutique too.  

Now, to get working on my own kids' costumes and the rest of the orders!

In case I don't get to post before next Monday, hope you have a happy and safe Halloween! 

As always, thank you for your support!  I have enjoyed being able to help people create their Halloween memories. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little Miss Magic: Photo Friday

Our little girl, riding with the window down enjoying the day and lately she has been insisting on having the sun roof or windows open in the car...our Little Miss Magic...

"She likes to ride into town with the top down, 
Feel that warm breeze on her gentle skin, 
She is my next of kin..."

Thank you, Caroline, for being ours.

(Thank you, Jimmy Buffett, for the great song.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Organizing Genius!

Ok, well, its been a while.  So I apologize to the three or four of you who read my ramblings.

The last month or so has been chock full of sewing for shows and orders, getting used to a new school schedule, and cleaning.  In between other activities and sewing, I have been a woman on a mission to organize and de-clutter our house.  Most recently I attacked the bin of first aid supplies.

Do you have a bunch of band aids lying around?  My kids think they are the only thing that cures a bump, and anything that can make crying stop quickly is A-OK in my book.  So, we buy bandaids.  For a while, I even tried to pass stickers off as bandaids, since we were finding ourselves putting bandages on more bumps than scrapes and they take them off so fast anyway.  It didn't last long.  The downside of having smart kids.

So, we had this many partial boxes of band aids.

The Problem:  Too Many Boxes of Bandaids Taking Up Lots of Space
I found one of these coupon envelopes, and VIOLA- Bandaid Organizer.

The Solution: Use an old Coupon Organizer for the Bandaids
Ok, I will take the verbal praise now.  Feel free to use words like "genius" and "awesome" as much as you want.

The difference in space requirements

Monday, October 3, 2011

Jack the Conquerer!

As forewarning, this post is all about bragging on my kid.

In the world of my son, Jack, the wobbly bridge at the playground is not only to be feared, it has been an enemy to be avoided at all costs. It was only to be attempted with a parent in hand, at best.

At this date and time, we are excited to report that not only has he successfully tamed the enemy,thus reinforcing his awesomeness, I also have video evidence.

It is important to note, that he has gradually been getting more and more courage to conquer this fear over the past few weeks. Last week, just before leaving the playground, he took on the wobbly bridge and was so proud of himself (picture above is of the proud Jack and his sister, who I think was more proud than me or Jack!). This week, the first thing he did at the playground was cross the bridge. The pride on his face when he ran up to tell me was priceless!

Happy Monday! Go conquer something!

Thanks for sharing the proud moment with me.

Picture of Caroline and Jack leaving the playground last week while Caroline is telling him how proud she is of him for crossing the bridge alone.