Monday, January 23, 2012

New Pants: A Slight Change to the Ruffled Pant

Caroline finally has a new pair of handmade pants!
Caroline dancing on the dock 
I am pretty sure that I am either genetically programmed or at least conditioned to believe that I have to make the kids a new outfit for the holidays, so of course I did make them Christmas clothes.  However, clothes for 'no good reason' have been on my to do list, but haven't gotten 'to done.' (A 'for no good reason" day is like when I worked in an office and flowers would show up on a Wednesday, just because it was Wednesday.   That's a 'no good reason' type of day.)  Anyway, I have wanted to make something that wasn't for a holiday for the kids, but just haven't had time because we have been wayyy too busy.

Sewing for my kids is really enjoyable to me, especially since my daughter loves it so very much!  I keep meaning to record her reactions but am usually too busy collecting my mommy paycheck and soaking up the very moment I present Caroline with a new something I created.  The "You made this for me!?!" and the big hug followed by "Thanks, Mommy!" is so totally worth it every time.

Over the last couple of months I have had such big sewing plans for kids' clothes that I have even cut out several things so they were ready if an "extra" hour became available that I could use to sew.  Then, my husband's side of the family had a get together this past weekend.  Perfect, a deadline!  I just HAD to get a new something made for her.  Besides, Miss Mermaid and her daughters would be there and surely there would be some fun opportunities for pics!
Caroline and Miss Mermaid's Daughter
After combing through my collection of patterns and fabric, since what I already had cut just wouldn't do, I decided that since time wasn't on my side I would go with my trusted friend, the ruffled pants pattern.  Ruffled pants and I go way back at this point so I knew I could get these done with minimal hiccups.

The pants
Ruffled pants being, well, just ruffled pants that I have already made her a dozen pairs of, I wanted to do something a little different.  My style preferences are fairly classic, so I didn't want anything too drastic. (Besides, I didn't have any fabrics that matched well enough to add funky pockets or patches.) As I was attaching the second ruffle, I finally decided we needed a little more gathering. You may notice that they are a little scrunchy at the bottom of each pant leg.  I used the seam allowance as a little pocket to sew elastic into.  This made the fabric gather up a little on each leg, and it came out great!

Do you have a great "stand by" pattern you turn to when you just need to sew?  If so, what is it?

Have you altered the traditional ruffled pants?  If so, what have you done to them?

Well, the upcoming holiday wasn't totally left out.  The "Sweet" Conversation Heart hair clippie in Caroline's hair was also created this past weekend, just in time for Valentine's Day.  They will be available at MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM and locals can stop by Rinse & Repeat- Kids' Salon later this week to pick some up too!   (More colors are coming)

Valentine's Hair Clips

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