Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cookie Confession (And We Made It!)

For many, many years, I have harbored prejudice toward the slice and bake sugar cookie.  Anytime I can remember having them from someone's house, they were gross.  I mean, really, how hard is it to make sugar cookie dough?  And I'm no cook, but if time and my waist permitted, I would bake all the time.  It is also important to note that the other types of cookies were spared this judgement and it was solely directed at the sugar cookie.

Last week, I bought my first package of pre-made sugar cookie dough after my irresistibly adorable three-year old son spotted Lightning McQueen cookie dough at the store.  Apparently the geniuses at Pillsbury decided that featuring my son's idol would be a good idea for Easter.  He said "Puhhhweeeze" and I realized there was no way I was going to be able to make them otherwise.  So, home they went.

The kids helped me to diligently place them 2 inches apart from each other while the oven obliged my command to preheat.  We then carefully placed the two dozen preformed cookies into the oven.

Could it really be this easy?  Nope, not in my world!  I whipped up some homemade frosting while we waited.  

After the cookies cooled, and believe me, waiting for this was THE hardest part of this baking experience, we put some frosting between two cookies, rolled them in sprinkles, and viola- the not so ordinary, yet still easy enough to not be frustrating to make with two small kids- Sugar Cookie Sandwiches!

Step 1- Roll the edges of the frosting in sprinkles.
Step 2- Keep rolling
Step 3- Done!
Here is what they looked like...And, they tasted good!

I understand that leaving my preconceived notions about how using store-bought cookie dough as a form of selling out may not have been the most earth shattering revelation. However, my life just got so much easier!  Afterall, it combines a few of my favorite things- frosting, sprinkles, and happy kids- and made it easier.

We went back to the store and picked up two more packs of the limited edition Lightning McQueen cookie dough to keep in the freezer until we need more.  I may never be able to buy the roll of cookie dough, but these "break and bake" packs are officially on the shopping list!

Next up, the Immaculate Baking Company sugar cookie dough!

Does anyone have any fun ideas for other ways to make these types of cookies fun?

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