Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mommy Genius or a Low Moment? Santa Claus in June

Every now and then I have these moments with my kids that make me wonder what someone else would think if they were paying attention.

At the grocery store today, my son was crying because he wanted me to lug his stroller out of the back of the van just so I could run into the store to order cupcakes.  (Really?  Where does he come up with this stuff?) He had pulled this stunt at the last two stores we had run into, and even though it didn't work there, for some reason his three-year old brain told him to try again.

After trying all the normal things to get him to stop, I spotted a man with a long white beard who I happened to hear mention something about Santa Claus.  Before I knew it, I was whispering to my son that Santa Claus watches kids all year and nodded to that man.

He stopped crying.
He stopped talking.
He just hugged me and was on his best behavior while I finished the errand.

I know that none of us think twice about employing the threat of Santa Claus in December, another reason it is the most glorious month of the year.  However, how wrong is it to use him as a pawn in June?

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