Monday, September 20, 2010

Unrealistic Expectations= CrAzY Mommy

Why is it that when we become Mommies we all of a sudden expect that we will have changed the way we work? I don't even think it is conscious. We have kids and then think that we are going to be the poster of perfection. Forget that the house was never ready for the spontaneous guest before, now it will be. Forget that you never made dinner before, now you will be able to easily do so EVERYDAY. Forget that you and the hubs weren't the couple who would coo at each other, now that you have created another person, you think you should be. Do we have to be ready to look up the number for the local looney bin before we are aware of all of this? Am I the only one?

This simple example, my friends, is what inspired me to post today. Yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I FORGOT! I know, the horror. I didn't remember until I had time to think, which was after the kids went to bed. It is one of my favorite random holidays. I even put it on all of our calendars so that we don't forget AND it is the right after another big day in our house, our Anniversary (yes, six years)! Before I had kids, I may have remembered this holiday because I would have gotten to work and looked at my calendar or someone else would have "Arghed" me in the hallway (that sounds kindof dirty!). However, now, when I am taking care of two small kids, a husband, a house, my parents were in town, a kid got hurt who had to go to Urgent Care for a x-ray (he's fine), celebrated our anniversary AND tried to pack 'fun' into the weekend which is always too short, I expect that I am going to remember to look at the calendar on a Sunday to be reminded that it was Talk Like a Pirate Day. And then, that I didn't remember when I wanted to and the kids were already in bed, I was angry at myself. Really!?! So angry in fact, that it's the day after, and this is why I am writing. ARGH!

I know a lot of amazing Mommies, very inspiring people who get up every day, take care of their kids/husband/pets/house/the world and no one is giving them that "atta girl" or Superwoman cape they deserve. Seeing these women work helps to keep me going. One of these Moms told me her secret was to "simplify." I really don't think I know the meaning of that word, but I am trying to make my expectations a little more realistic.

I would wear my cape, but it probably has boogers or graham cracker handprints on it, so it's in the never-ending laundry pile. Instead, I am off to get groceries, make a few appointments, do the dishes, plan a second birthday party, clean the laundry, pick up the playroom, pick up a kid from school, make lunch and then tuck kids in bed for naps.

Picture of my pirates last year:

Also, a shout out to my parents! Thank you for coming to town and watching our little pirates so we could go out and enjoy our anniversary. Always great to have you here! <3

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