Friday, September 10, 2010

Where did HappyLittleMonkey come from?

The HappyLittleMonkey formed from my need to support my addiction, fabric, and a need for something "else." I think the HLM has mostly fed my addiction, but that is beside the point. I LOVE fabric and think I always have. As a kid, I didn't carry around some little blanket, instead I dragged around a comforter. So my addiction plus my need to find something for "me" while I am staying home with my kids equated to a need for an outlet. And to me it seemed like forever that I milled over this concept in my head and then, almost overnight, I had a concept, a name, and a store.

HappyLittleMonkey has focused mostly on baby blankets. The majority of my inventory is Swaddling Blanket Sets that you can ACTUALLY use to swaddle a baby. The big store ones always seem to shrink up into rectangles and don't even start as large enough to even wrap around a kid. Besides, the gifts I loved the most were the ones people chose especially for us. Something I wouldn't have thought to buy for myself. The boutique style gifts that Moms want to keep in their purse to show off to their friends. I wanted to make things that people will love.


  1. A comforter? Ha! Love it! Your swaddle blanket sets are SO much more portable. : )

  2. yes, the comforter visual made me laugh as well!

  3. It started out white, with stitching to hold the batting in place. It had a ruffled edge. The stitching all came out and it ended up as two pieces of cotton with a fiberfill lump. Before that, I had a quilted throw blanket with flowers all over it that was the softest thing ever!