Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday What's Up: Recent Orders

The last couple of week have been so busy with Back to School and custom orders. Items for bigger kids have been the theme. Please enjoy the following pictures of these custom monogrammed and appliqued items from HappyLittleMonkey and MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM.

Custom Outfit- Circle Letter Applique Shirt with Fruit Salad Skirt and Monogrammed Bloomers (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)
Matching Lime Slice Hair Clippies (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)
One- Color Monogrammed Kids' Tote Bag (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)
Butterfly Applique Shirt, Made to Match Tree Skirt (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)
Monkey Applique Shirt with Add On Bow (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)
SuperVan Appliqued T-Shirt, Custom Order, All letters available, Sizes 6 months- 6 (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)
Rainbow Applique on Romper, Custom Request to accompany a tutu for a child's first birthday (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)
Back to School, Custom Order- ABC Truck Applique on Shirt Provided by Customer
Back to School Custom Order- Chalkboard Applique on Shirt Provided by Customer
One color, Classic Scroll, Monogrammed Bloomers (HappyLittleMonkey and MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM), Available up to 4T
Owl Applique Shirt, Made to Match the Owl Skirt (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)
Owl Tank Top, Made to Match Owl Skirt (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)
Owl Clips (MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM)

These products and more can be found online at HappyLittleMonkey (focuses on pregnancy to age 1) or MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM (focuses on age 1 and up).


  1. You should post the matching clippies too! They make the outfit complete!

  2. Done! Thank you for your comment and I just added the picture to the post. They are really cute