Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Mommy Paycheck: Teach Your Kids that YOU are Awesome

Today I have a "Contributor Post" up over on my brother's blog, "I.AM.AWESOME."

The post is entitled, The Mommy Paycheck: Teach Your Kids that You are Awesome.  You should go check it out, along with his blog (just click that highlighted link).  

Becoming an "I.AM.AWESOME." practitioner is sure to make you smile more and therefore feel better on a daily basis.  Best of all, its easy. 

Here is what you do:

Read this post first: The Birth of Awesomism (and try not to take the religion references too seriously...they are meant to be fun)

Decide what makes you awesome, like, you got out of bed today, and then congratulate yourself.   You may want to also read A Day in the Life of an Awesomist to get a better idea of how to practice Awesomism.  

Every now and then, you can reinforce your actions with a Y-Conquer.  

It's really that easy and you will not even believe how much better you feel after talking about your awesomeness with a group of girlfriends over coffee.  I think all of our faces hurt from smiling so hard during our visit!

So, please, be awesome and go check out my post and "follow" his blog I.AM.AWESOME!

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