Thursday, December 8, 2011

THANK YOU: TheRosaryChick

I am sure that everyone has been crazy busy over the last couple of weeks, and I am definitely in the busy boat with you!  In fact, I almost forgot to give a big thank you shout out to Melanie, aka TheRosaryChick, for including my tea and cookie sets in her blog post.

(In my defense, I was totally away from computers last week while we were off visiting a certain Mouse to squeeze in a little family time.)

TheRosaryChick posted about a few of her favorite things, and I feel honored to be included.  I feel the same way she does about gift-giving, especially to family and close friends, which is why it can be so stressful to me when I can't figure out the perfect thing to give someone.   Here is what she says:

Gift giving is very important to me! It is my love language, so when I am picking a gift for someone it isn't to simply check a box. It is with sincere purpose that I select a gift. I want the recipient to know through the item that I purchase, whether it is big or small, how much I care about and appreciate them. It is most important to me that the gift be meaningful and when possible, practical.

Well, I am honored that you chose my tea and cookie sets as a gift to give the girlie girls in your life.  Thank you, truly!

Tea and cookies at MonkeySeeMonkeyDoHLM

If you need a beautiful rosary or other gift, please visit one of her shops, either on Etsy or her a stand-alone store.  Her creations are beautiful!   I have a niece who will be receiving her First Communion soon, and I will be at your shop first.  

Beautiful Couples Rosary by TheRosaryChick
Thank you, again, for sharing my tea and cookies gift sets with your friends and I can't wait to hear about the fabulous parties your girls will share over them!

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