Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pinned It and Did It: Vertical Clothes

Pinterest is a super-fun site that can result in a feeling of crafty/organizational/cooking/fashion inadequacy like no other site.  Just a few months ago, our only option for true cyberspace procrastination was to thumb through other people's pictures on Facebook, and now look at us!

Well, sucked in I am.  Pinterest is as much an amazing resource for inspiration, as much as it is also a place to to get new ideas I never even knew I needed.  However, I frequently see things now and am so skeptical of whether it will actually work and wonder if there are actually moms out there who really come up with and do thousands of crafts with their kids.

After sitting on my bum and collecting ideas of things I want to do on Pinterest, I started actually doing some of them.  Some have worked as planned, others not so much.  When I can, I'll share my repinning adventures.

My first one is an idea that I saw, "Repin"-ed, and did! I just grabbed the bull by the horns and started doing it at my house!  That's right.  No procrastination on this idea.  I put the keyboard down and got back to putting away the laundry I had been procrastinating.  It's called "Vertical Folding:"

It has been a couple of months since I first tried this, and I am happy to say, it has WORKED!  The kids no longer dig through their drawer for their favorite shirt and putting their clothes away has been just as easy as it was before.  

Here is what their shirt drawers look like right now, and I didn't even have to do any extra straightening to take the pictures!  (This was seriously unheard of before at my house, especially since I let them pick out their own clothes and put them away before.)

Thank you Chasing Cheerios for that great post!  

I have even done this with my daughter's leggings and my shirt drawers.  I modified this slightly for the kids jammie drawers and while I still stack their jams, I fold them with both pieces together to minimize the need for digging.  

I'm a sucker for organizational tricks that keep me looking organized, 'cause organized, I'm really not.   My world has to organize me, I don't organize it.  

Next time I will address the Pin that has circled the feed a couple of times, Painting with Colored Shaving Cream.  It really seemed like a good idea at first.  

If you aren't on Pinterest, you have to be invited.  Sounds exclusive, right?  Just find a friend who is and ask for an invite or send me an email and I will do it!


  1. I tried this in my t-shirt drawers too and LOVE it! Its the most Pinterest success I've had so far. Did glow sticks in the bathtub, which was fun for about 5 minutes, and also did colored shaving cream. Can't wait to hear your take on it. :-) I'm still trying to figure out how to get the grout back to white. Bleach pen maybe?

  2. This was definitely a great tip to find. Isn't it funny how many things we check out? I was talking to a friend last week about how we see these things and feel bad that we don't do all of these things with our kids, but really its not that there is any one mom out there doing all of these things. Luckily we didn't do the shaving cream in the bathroom, but I did see a post saying that it eventually fades away from the grout.