Friday, August 10, 2012

National S'mores Day and Awesome Ideas, Stolen

Today is National S'mores Day!  The list of important holidays in my world goes something like this:

#1. Christmas
#2. Easter
#3. Halloween (which to me means, the most awesome holiday, Christmas, is right around the corner)
#4. Talk Like a Pirate Day

Of course there are birthdays and anniversaries too, but these other days warrant preparation and fun.  Then, today, I find out about National S'mores Day!  I'm adding it to the list!  

I have been drafting a post for a while now about the things that Pinterest, Martha Stewart, and S'mores have in common with the unraveling of the traditional means of succeeding at motherhood. I didn't want to sound bitter, but there is a point to be made.  And here it is:

Pinterest and Martha Stewart are responsible for making mothers everywhere feel like failures.

Regarding Pinterest, how can one thing give so many great ideas and make you feel like a failure because you don't do all these things, all at the same time? Don't get me wrong. I am totally addicted to Pinterest. It can be a great reference tool, but I really hate that now, when I have an original idea, the first thing someone says is, "Did you see that on Pinterest?"  I want to scream, "No, doggone-it. I thought it up in my little pea-brain all by myself." My S'mores idea that I am about to share, all mine!  I came up with it on my own. Just sayin.
Then there is Martha. She has been making us look bad for years, with her "Pay no attention to the throngs of staffers I have behind the curtain" approach to crafting she has had for years. I was just looking through a back issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine (which I am not really sure that I ever subscribed to, but somehow it ends up at my house, so I just HAVE to read it, right?) and on the cover- s’mores.  Yes, right there.  Martha Stewart claiming to upgrade the s’more.  Yes, upgrade the s’more.  “How?” you ask.  She makes the graham crackers from scratch and then adds imported chocolate.  Well, lady, let me tell you.  That may be a little too far.  Besides, years ago, I upgraded the s’more, and I have throngs of people who can vouch for me.  (And if Martha Stewart ever reads this, I'm sorry if I offended you. Really, your staff comes up with some really super cute ideas. I just can't in good conscience cover anything in my house with glitter and I hate paper crafts- paper cuts.)

Back to the S'more. 
The s’more you see, is practically perfect in its store-bought practicality from the get go.  It reminds me of childhood and camping with the Girl Scouts and visiting northern family and campfires.  Have you ever had a bad memory involving a s’more?  I think not.  
Well, you may be wondering where this tangent is going and how exactly I think I could possibly improve the s’more. My upgrade does not at all compromise the simple practicality of the s’more, it simply increases its deliciousness by substituting your favorite chocolate candy for the Hershey's milk chocolate. (Side note: If you weren't using Hershey's Milk Chocolate in the first place, you weren't doing it right anyway. In my opinion.)  My personal favorite is to use the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup.  (Anyone who knows me will not be surprised. I have an addiction, or is it an obsession, with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg)

Here is what you do:

1. Go to the store.
2. Buy Graham crackers and large marshmallows.
3. The hard part- buy Hershey's chocolate bars if plain chocolate is your favorite.  If not, substitute Reese's, York's, or any other flat-ish candy bar.
4. Make a fire or use the microwave to make your s'mores.  
5. Eat.
6. SMILE. 

Happy S'mores Day! I know what we will be having for dinner...I mean dessert. :)

And don't let anyone else's ideas ruin your really good ones!

Toast! Raise your marshmallow sticks!

Oh, yeah, and follow me on Pinterest! I have a whole board dedicated to how Reese's Peanut Butter Cups should come out with a star shape for summer, because the break from Easter to Halloween is just too long! :) 
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