Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pillows: You can do this!

Yesterday afternoon I sewed my first real thing this year- pillows! Actually, I have only sewn a couple of things since Halloween when we closed on the new house, which was months ago. It sure was nice to be back at the machine.

Here was the basic chain of events:

1. Realization that the pillows on the front bench look like this:

Yuck! (In case you can't tell, they are very badly faded and damaged from being outside.)

2. Made decision that these pillows need to be fixed RIGHT NOW. (Sadly, this was actually on Monday evening, after dark. I have a pretty strict rule of not going outside in the dark alone. It has to be a pretty big reason to break this rule OR the hubs has to be home to protect me. I may be too old to be afraid of the dark, but I am anyway, so there. Instead of getting the old pillows, I decided to rummage through my gobs of fabric for options.)

3. Daylight= access to pillows. Got them. Measured width and length.

4. Cut fabric and inch longer on each side than the measurement I got in step 3.

5. Sew. Stuff. Sew.

6. Run out to porch and place pillows. Step back and admire.

For these pillows, I basically used the old pillows as a pattern and reused their filling, so the whole project has cost me less than the price of a yard of material (which I probably paid about $6 for). I have four more outside pillows to recover, and next time I should take some pictures so you can repurpose your old pillows too. Would you be interested in seeing those?

I probably spent less than an hour from choosing the fabric to actual sew time, if you ignore that I had to wait for the sun to come up. You can do this project too and spruce up your outside spaces with minimal cost.

For you experienced in the art of sewing, you know that the basic pillow is not to be feared. In fact, I probably have 10 yards of fabric waiting to be transformed into new pillows and valences for the new house. They just require time and patience.

If you are new to sewing, pillows are a great place to start! There are a few simple tips and techniques you need to know, and you will be creating your own pillows in no time. 

Are you interested in a tutorial on making these pillows? 


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