Saturday, October 2, 2010

Christmas in October?

I can't believe it is already October, nor can I believe that I am already getting ready for Christmas! Besides starting to plot our own holiday adventures, this year, I purchased 40+ yards of fabric from designer Michael Miller and created my own Choose Your Own Fabric Christmas Collection. I have made the samples, ordered shirts, and appliqued! I had appliqued a little before, but with some guidance from the geniuses at my local sewing machine store and practice, they are coming out great. This adventure has taken me into some new territory and I am excited about the journey.

The majority of my online store has been of one- (or two-)of-a-kind blanket sets. I have gone to the fabric store, picked out the material one bolt at a time, touching and thoughtfully choosing each pattern, then purchasing only a few yards of each. The next steps of the process are generally that I bring the fabric home, cut it, construct it, fold it up, take pictures of it, and post it to the store. People can then browse the store, choose, and I ship within 24 hours. I believe in fast and great customer service.

This Christmas collection is so much different. For example, I purchased over forty yards of designer fabric at one time. For a fabric collector, this is fun! It is super soft, with great colors, and its high quality. I really want to create. Customers get to pair these fabrics together and create outfits especially for their little one. I am so looking forward to putting these together.
With this collection, for the first time I am also offering clothes, well, besides the custom little boy butt covers that are currently in the shop.

I LOVE ruffle-bottomed pants and have been making them for my daughter and a friend's daughter for over a year now. They have now been tested on the kids and persevered. I am ready to offer them to you. From this collection, I think the best pairing is a flannel leg and cotton ruffle, however, any pairing will work. These pants will be great for Christmas morning, travelling, nighttime parades, and so much more. They are so soft and cozy, that you may have a hard time getting them off of your little girl.

I didn't leave out the boys. I am happy to make your little guy pants out of the trees or dotted fabrics, or I also have created a cargo-type flannel lounge pant for him. Choose red or green flannel, or add in some of the Michael Miller fabrics. He will look adorable!

The collection also includes blankets, of course! Choose a Swaddler Blanket (40" x 40", single layer) or Everything Blanket (36" x 36", double-layered). Choose one of the flannel fabrics for the Swaddler. For the Everything Blanket, choose two flannels, or one flannel and one cotton. Accessories like burp clothes and bibs are also available.

This collection also includes appliqued shirts and onesies. Choose from long or short sleeved shirts or onesies. Although some of the pictures feature the appliques on Hanes shirts, I am now using a higher quality shirt.
I think this collection is different than others because you get to choose what fabrics you put together! You get to choose especially for your little one. So, design away!

I will have the samples available on the Craft Show Tour 2010, see the schedule on the right side of the blog.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask at

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Happy Fall!

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