Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Sales Circular Highlights

I used to LOVE to shop, and not just shopping, I loved the thrill of the bargain hunt and knowing where to find the best deals and anything I may possibly need at the last minute. It's not that I don't anymore, its just that time isn't as available as it used to be and its hard to relax while shopping with little monkeys in tow. It seems that my shopping mission has switched from "hunting" (ie. walk around and hunt for the best deal) to just get out and "kill."

Sundays have become my day to hunt. I get the newspaper a survey all of the circulars, from my couch, with a cup of coffee. Its not the same, but this way I can streamline my list of shopping goals for the week and it is much less frustrating. Also, I still get to find the best bargains. I love the thrill of saving money! Afterall, its ours.

My main haunts are Target, Toys R Us, Joanns, and Michaels. I'm a Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy regular too, but they email out sales info and don't have circulars. (I highly recommend signing up for their emails. I almost NEVER pay full price at any of these stores) check out other circulars, but am not as familiar with their sales, so I won't write much about them.

So, I thought I would start to share my "Sunday Sales Circular Highlights" in case you are in the market for the same things as me.

Here are this week's highlights:

1. Toys R Us (TRU)- This time of year, they really seem to encourage me to get my Christmas shopping done early, and I take advantage. This week, it is a buy 2, get the 3rd free on a lot of Fisher Price items (Imaginext, Little People, Geotrax, Laugh& Learn, TRIO, and more). We LOVE Fisher Price toys for their sturdiness, funtionality, and overall cuteness. Lego Construction Sets are also Buy 1, get one 50% off. Also, be sure to sign up for TRU emails as they typically send out one day sales notifications.

2. Joann's has Halloween decorations marked 60% off. They always mark their holiday decor down quickly and typically well before the holiday actually arrives. Also, today starts their Moonlight Madness sale and there are lots of sales that are even better than their typical sales. They almost never put their coupons on their website, but sign up for their emails and they send some out. There are two 50% off a single item coupons on the circular in today's paper and they usually have some flyers in the store the first day of a sale (they go quick though).

3. Michaels has 50% off Halloween decor, and they have a pretty big Halloween section. For you paper crafters, there is also a coupon in the circular for 20% off you entire Martha Stewart Crafts purchase. Their coupons are in their online flyer.

4. Target is also starting to have some really great sales on toys to encourage you to stock up for the holidays and with their "Lowest Prices of the Season" promises, I generally feel confident that they aren't going to mark them down again before Christmas. Also, they have switched their credit card rewards to be 5% off every purchase instead of sending 10% coupons when you reach certain point levels. I have hated their return policies, but with their RedCard, returns are so easy because they can basically look up your purchase and do the return without a receipt. They can do this with other credit cards too, but I like having everything in one place. They also send coupons in the mail.

5. Not in the paper, but Old Navy is having some great sales for their Sweet 16. Through the 21st, when you use a Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic card, you get a free children's item with the purchase of every adult item. I don't know about you, but this was just the excuse I needed to stock up on some Mommy uniforms! Lately, I find that I rarely go shopping for myself, so this was a great sale to stumble upon.

Well, happy shopping and hope you have a great week

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  1. Hooray for deals! I need to check today's paper again, because I didn't see the Joann's ad. But, I always get their emailed and snail mailed ones. Thanks for the money saving tips!