Monday, October 3, 2011

Jack the Conquerer!

As forewarning, this post is all about bragging on my kid.

In the world of my son, Jack, the wobbly bridge at the playground is not only to be feared, it has been an enemy to be avoided at all costs. It was only to be attempted with a parent in hand, at best.

At this date and time, we are excited to report that not only has he successfully tamed the enemy,thus reinforcing his awesomeness, I also have video evidence.

It is important to note, that he has gradually been getting more and more courage to conquer this fear over the past few weeks. Last week, just before leaving the playground, he took on the wobbly bridge and was so proud of himself (picture above is of the proud Jack and his sister, who I think was more proud than me or Jack!). This week, the first thing he did at the playground was cross the bridge. The pride on his face when he ran up to tell me was priceless!

Happy Monday! Go conquer something!

Thanks for sharing the proud moment with me.

Picture of Caroline and Jack leaving the playground last week while Caroline is telling him how proud she is of him for crossing the bridge alone.

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