Friday, November 11, 2011

NICU Sewing Project Wrap Up on a Photo Friday

You may remember that over the summer, several of us got together to collect baby blankets and make them into isolette covers and smaller swaddling blankets for the local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).    (Here is the old post: Sewing for the NICU)

Christy Baldwin owner of Christy Baldwin Photography, volunteered to come out and take pictures of our sewing and she really captured the evening.

Overall, we donated 9 isolette covers, with one that was going to be delivered later, several dozen small swaddling blankets, a couple of bags of baby clothes, and even some full size blankets we didn't sew with.

Enjoy these great pictures!

 These last few photos are of the items we dropped off at the NICU.  They are just my work, so please don't judge Christy on their quality!

The isolette covers and blankets- ready to go to the NICU
One of our isolette covers on an isolette (and my NICU Graduate)
An isolette- this is where many babies sleep in the NICU

Now to say "Thank You!"

Christy, thank you for the wonderful pictures!  You captured the sewing evening beautifully and your generosity is much appreciated.  On another note, thank you for also agreeing to be at the 3rd Annual Big Bend March of Dimes Signature Chef's Auction.  Please check out her web site and her Facebook Page.

A special thank you to Lynn Griffin with The Bernina Connection for letting us use the shop to sew.  The space was perfect and we really appreciated being together!  Her shop features some of the best machines (I'm totally biased) and she is the only local shop with great fabrics from designers like Amy Butler and Michael Miller.  They are also on Facebook.

To Marlo, Sarah, Claire, and Justine who came out to sew, thank you for your amazing talent and willingness to help.

To Ragan and Nancy, who came out to help with "anything they could help with," thank you for all that you did to support this project, including ironing and cutting for hours!  This project would have taken so much longer without you!

To everyone who donated, THANK YOU!  I met so many new people who heard about the project and wanted to donate materials and get involved.  THANK YOU!

All of the items we donated

Some of the fabulously talented Mamas who came out to sew also have great online shops.  Marlo owns Little Speckled Frog, LLC an Eco-Chic Children's Boutique.  Claire is with Ecological Babies, LLC, your #1 source for natural parenting. Justine makes beautiful nursing covers and can sometimes be found on Etsy (just not right now- email me if you want to get in touch with her!).  

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